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Dr. Kurtulus Öztopçu is currently retired from teaching. For many years, he taught various courses related to Turkic languages at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.

Dr. Öztopçu's previous teaching experience includes:

  • Turkish at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute (1997 through 2006)

  • Azerbaijani at UCLA (2005 through 2008)

  • Beginning Azerbaijani at the Summer Sessions, UCLA (1994 through 1997)
  • Advanced Turkish, Modern Turkish Literature (a joint pilot teleconference course with UC Berkeley) at UCLA (1995-96)
  • Readings in Modern Turkish, Advanced Turkish, Ottoman Texts, Beginning Uzbek, Modern Turkish Literature in Translation, History of Turkic Cultures and Civilizations, and Ottoman at the University of California at Berkeley (1993 through 96)
  • Beginning Azerbaijani and Uzbek at the Summer Sessions, UCLA (1993)
  • Intermediate/Advanced Turkish, Summer Sessions, UCLA (1991)
  • Old Turkic, Middle Turkic, Old Anatolian Turkish (Early Ottoman), Survey of Historical and Modern Turkic Languages at Bogaziçi University, Istanbul (1986 through 1989)
  • Turkish for Foreigners at Bogaziçi University, and The Tepum Language Institute,
    Istanbul (1986-87)
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